Are You Being Bullied?

When I was in gradeschool, there were some mean kids, who would just show up at random and screw up my day.

They made fun of my outfit. Or said my hair looked stupid. Or my bookbag was ugly. Nothing escaped their notice. The most miniscule things could incite their mean spirited critiques. I reasoned with them. I yelled at them. I cried. I told the teacher. Nothing, it seemed, could stop their petty torments.

Until one day I decided enough was enough! I was DONE. I was who I was, and I no longer was going to let myself care about ANYTHING they had to say. I didn't like what they were saying, but I couldn't change them. So I would ignore them. END OF STORY.

But it wasn't. Because, miraculously, the minute I stopped listening, THEY stopped talking. Or maybe I just didn't notice so much. The point is, once they realized that their opinions didn't affect me, they gave up and moved on. Sure, they came back every now and again, just to test the waters, but as long as I didn't let them get to me, they quit bugging me.

As an adult, I've come to understand that my negative thoughts are a lot like those kids back in gradeschool. And they affect me the same way, if I let them.

Negative thoughts are a lot like bullies. Deal with them the same way!

If I run from (or try to fight) my negative thoughts and fears, they keep up their constant torment. But when I acknowledge the nature of "thought bullies", yet refuse to let them get to me, they lose their power. They cease to control me and my day.

Beating a bully isn't easy. Especially when its the one in your head.

A thought might come back often at first, testing me. Trying to catch me at a low point. Trying to assert its power over me. But if I am brave and don't give in, if I ignore my thought-bully stubbornly and calmly, day after day, he soon gives up.

Then I am free to play and create and go about my day with a smile.

Have an awesome, bully-free day!

Joy, love, and lunch money,